Death of Tallboy

Whenever you have to saw in half the frame of a $3000 bike, you die a little. Indeed, I never thought I would see the day when anyone would commit such a crime. However, in light of the situation at hand, it was a necessary evil.

Whenever a carbon frame develops any sort of defect or crack, it must be destroyed if being sent in for warranty replacement. Often, the bike company, in this case Santa Cruz, will request that the bottom bracket shell be sawn out of the frame for return. This is to ensure that the manufacturer gets proof of the serial number being exchanged for warranty. It is also to ensure that the damaged or defective frame doesn’t get rebuilt into another bicycle. If that were the case, a catastrophic failure can occur, injuring or even killing the rider. So we had to sacrifice the carbon for the greater good of the mountain biking community.

What is done with the rest? Do you have any suggestions? Let us know!




Fred and his Intense Carbine

Rides an Intense Carbine Dual Suspension Mountain Bike.
Shot on Mission Canyon Road near the Inspiration Point Trailhead.

As I was coming down from the Inspiration Point trail, I noticed this guy getting rad on his extremely nice mountain bike. We see a lot of dual-suspension mountain bikes in our neck of the woods. Seldom do I see an Intense Carbine, though…I guess I am just biased because I work at a shop that sells Kona and Santa Cruz. Intense is one of those brands that really isn’t in the vocabulary for me. I mean sure, every now and then I see an article over on Bike Rumor about their latest offering. But I remain stuck in major brand land. But that’s okay. To me, a lot of these bikes are just differences in frames and rear-suspension linkages. All the other stuff like the suspension and components tends to be the same.

That said, the Intense Carbine is one of those bikes that just wants to be in the air and sideways. All the time. This guy didn’t look like he was going to be spending too much time in the air. But I have been wrong about appearances many times. I am always told by my mountain-biking friends that the older set will still give you a run for your money. And this guy did growl at me.

*All riders who do not give me their name are automatically named Fred or Frieda.



Working on a 2013 Santa Cruz Tallboy 29er
Shot at Velo Pro in Santa Barbara, CA

Noah has been working at Velo Pro for a few months now. He is one of those bike shop employees that really truly enjoys riding bikes. He just got a new Santa Cruz Carbon Bronson that he finished building out with all his favorite parts. Not only is he enthusiastic about riding bikes, he really knows his stuff when it comes to fixing and selling them. If you are ever in town, please feel free to ask for him at Velo Pro in downtown Santa Barbara, CA.