Ian and his Greenspeed GTO Recumbent Tricycle

Rides a Greenspeed GTO Recumbent Tricycle.
Shot on State Street in Santa Barbara, CA.
Out for a test ride and new tubes.

Most people who know me are familiar with how I feel about recumbents. It’s not that I despise, abhor nor detest them. Nay, I absolutely think they are the silliest-looking thing outside of tandems. Now I am not denying that some people need to ride a bicycle in a different way for, say, health problems. Maybe somebody has a bad back or has issues with their shoulders, arms or neck. Should they ride any way they can? Absolutely. But will that stop me from stifling a snicker or a guffaw every time I see them on their ‘bents? No it won’t. I think recumbent riders look like big kids on super-techie Big Wheels.

Needless to say, Ian was out looking silly and being a really cool guy at the same time. Sorry about the tirade, Ian. I just can’t help myself. I will never deny that recumbents have their place in the cycling world. In fact, I will wholeheartedly agree with anyone who says they help get more people out cycling and as a result make cycling more accessible. It’s just…so funny looking. Right? Am I right?

What about the potential Fred effect? What happens when people who don’t need to ride a different kind of bike start doing so just because they can? That’s a whole other topic.

What do you think?