Alex G.

Alex and his Raleigh Rush Hour track bike.

Rides a Raleigh Rush Hour track bike.
Shot on Ortega Street in Santa Barbara, CA.

Bicycles are only part of the person. If  bicycles are your entire life you’re probably a weirdo…or a framebuilder. There are more things in life than riding a bicycle. Alex is no exception. I first met him when I started working at the bike shop about two years ago. He’s a lot younger than me by a couple of decades (this seems to be a pattern with me). What he lacks in age, he makes up in life experience.  A lot of people would mistake him for your average hipster with a bicycle accessory. I will agree that on first glance he fits the recipe: he has tattoos, a fixie and one damn good sense of fashion. But he’s also a pretty awesome musician, playing drums in his band, Harness. He swears off drugs and alcohol (as most of us should), so he is already leading by example. Here’s what surprised me the most: About a year and a half ago, he left the bike shop to go to barber college. He now works at The Palms Barber shop here in Santa Barbara (37 W Calle Laureles, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. (805) 687-2529). He pulls off some pretty awesome haircuts. Give him a call. I really should go in, they’re right near the Trader Joe’s so it’s not like it’s inconvenient. I guess I am just lazy.

I’m on a kick lately where I have a lot of free time and the opportunity to shoot some of my friends and their bikes.  It’s going well. That is all.


James and his Raleigh Misceo 2.0

Rides a Raleigh Misceo 2.0
Shot on Ortega Street in Santa Barbara, CA.
On his way home from work.

The one thing about Santa Barbara is that it is relatively flat. Perfect for riding a bicycle wherever you need to go. For some, a single speed will do. For others, many gears are required to get to their destination if it is on the top of one of the few hilly parts we have around here. The core of downtown is filled with commuters. There are many people who find using a car in such a small city ridiculous. However, Santa Barbara has its share of casual drivers who don’t give any relief to cyclists out on the road. This is due, in part, to our transient student population and the insane amount of tourists with rental cars. Surprising that such a convenient town for cycling is wrought with motorists who just don’t care.


Being a bicycle mechanic can be a very stressful job. There’s always someone coming in to interrupt the project you are working on. If you’re trying to build a bicycle for a customer, you have to drop what your’e doing for walk-ins. Flat fixes, brake adjustments, loose derailleur cables. Whatever the case may be, you are still running around while the work order pile builds up.

However, every now and then, it can be weirdly peaceful. You can relax, complete your project with care and maybe even hear the music that is playing. This is cycling’s other half. For the majority of riders out there, it’s days like this and the opposite that keep your bikes on the road. Remember, we enjoy cycling just as much as you do. Please bring your bike to a qualified mechanic to keep your steed healthy. Tip your local bike mechanic, too.



Rides a 1988 Raleigh USA Pro Technium road bike.
Shot on Ortega Street in Santa Barbara, CA.
Just got into town and looking for a place to go for a long ride.

Usually, I wait a while before posting a picture. Usually it’s because I have so many riders in the queue. However, Marion and her brother’s old bike really surprised me. She and her husband (sorry I didn’t get his name) were totally awesome. Speaking of awesome, check out this bicycle! It’s a Raleigh USA Pro Technium, an aluminum racing bike that used a very seldom-used method of joining the tubes called thermal bonding. So there are no welds on the frame and none of the big seams you find on some aluminum bikes. What struck me were the older Shimano 105 parts in the gruppo. They looked amazing. Anyways, please see below for more pictures!

Head Badge

Head badge of the Raleigh Pro Technium


Older Shimano 105 calipers.


Shimano 105 derailleur still in amazing shape after all these years.

Cinelli stem

Cinelli stem? On this? Way cool!