Colnago the Phoenix

I somehow seem to have missed taking a full wide shot of this bike. It is a Colnago, yes. Vintage? Unknown. However, I can tell you that it is indeed a rescue. It was, I am told, left outside in a yard for years. The sun bleached the side of the frame facing up. Despite all the neglect, the frame remained straight. It was rescued and alive again by a fellow named Sean who works at one of the other bike shops in town. I have to say that it turned out quite nice. It has a well-established patina and I am sure it rides nicely. It is quite remarkable how a once grand bike can be set out to pasture (literally) and the waste away to a hunk of steel, only to be resurrected years later. That’s why bikes hold my interest more than cars. They can be made well again and get somebody rolling for cheap. They are beautiful and virtually indestructible.

4 thoughts on “Colnago the Phoenix

  1. Hi, I got a frame that looks like the one above. It has been painted by the previous owner…so there is no Information about it!

  2. Why can’t I find Pinarellos in skips and mint Chesinis stowed little old ladies’ sheds? My wallet protests at the injustice of having to pay market + for the few cool bikes that have crossed my path.

    • I think Santa Barbara has some sort of dimension gate thriugh which a lot of really nice steel bikes have been arriving. There seem to be more than usual lately.

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