Carlos and Fred* – Update


Carlos Soto (left) and Fred*. Riding Time carbon road bikes.
Shot on State Street in Santa Barbara, CA.

The last time you saw this image was in my post Freds* from right before Christmas of last year. I have a habit of naming people “Fred” when I don’t have time to get their name. I also understand that the word “Fred”, when referring to a cyclist can have a negative connotation. I do this in jest, not to offend anyone, but to keep the blog light hearted and humorous. But what happens when the jokes I make are not funny?

It turns out that the cyclist pictured on the left is Carlos Soto, a well-known cyclist here in Santa Barbara who I never had the pleasure to meet. He recently passed away this last weekend. In this picture, he is almost 60 years old. Because I have never been one to join the local racing scene or wear lots of tight lycra, I naturally (and inadvertently) distanced myself from people like Carlos without ever getting to know him. I found out about his passing the other day when my friend Joe commented on the original post. I sincerely hope I didn’t offend anyone in Carlos’s family or his circle of friends. I am also disappointed in myself for not getting to know the cyclists in this town a little better. So we don’t always see eye to eye on our riding kit. But we do have a lot in common. Rest in Peace, Carlos. I never knew you, but I hear you were a helluva guy.

*Any riders whose name I don’t get are automatically called Fred (or Frieda if they are female). That is all.

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