Luis and his 1950 Schwinn Cruiser.

Rides a 1950 Schwinn Cruiser (well-seasoned).
Shot on State Street in Downtown Santa Barbara, CA.

Some of the time, I like to see an old bike left as it is. A patina of rust and faded paint. A saddle that looks like it has seen many miles. These are the things that make bicycles unique among all other antique vehicles. But an old bicycle is far more precious than an old car. If you find an old car in this condition, it’s a safe bet you will have to get a tow truck to take it to your garage only to get it in running condition. There’s too many dollars attached to that…But a bicycle? The simplicity of a vehicle for which you are the engine is unmatched in this world. The average person with little or no mechanical knowledge can easily get a bike in rideable condition. Then, it becomes free transportation. Well, burritos and beer cost money, but they are cheaper than gas to the mile.

Luis showed up with this awesome piece of 1950 Chicago steel the other day. His gal, Serena has also made an appearance. Bicycles create a circle of people with the same interests. Just like old cars, stamps and blenders. Our antiques are precious. They are products of the past and have been through it all. You may know who rode your old bike before you, but chances are, you don’t. That’s the beauty of the mystery of old bikes. Provenance is for valuables. Cycling is forever. See more of Luis’s 1950 Schwinn below.

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