David and his Public V7 bicycle.

Rides a Public V7.
Shot on Ortega Street in Santa Barbara, CA.

They always say that the number of bikes an enthusiast owns will always be N+1. My current stable consists of five bike right now. It was as high as 20. But that was back when I lived in a much larger house with a garage. Now, I inhabit a small studio downtown and most of my bikes are locked up in the hallway. There’s always that extra special one or two that I just can’t let out of my sight. People like David, who obviously take care of their bikes and store them inside know what I’m talking about. The bike hew was riding is made by Public, a brand that I have seen off and on over the last couple of years. They are townie bikes geared towards people who don’t feel they need to spend a truckload of money for a nice looking vintage-style set of wheels. The good thing about brands like Public and Linus and the like is that they are modern bikes that have a vintage style. They have modern gearing and more comfortable, efficient geometry. I think companies like these are doing more for cycling that we realize. By making cool-looking comfortable bikes, they are reaching many more people that would have bought a bike in the past.

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