Ky and his 2011 Kona Operator downhill bike.

Rides a 2011 Kona Operator downhill bike.
Shot on Ortega St. In Santa Barbara, CA.

All mountain bikers are f**king crazy! Let me explain:

Craziness, especially when it comes to bicycles is not necessarily a bad thing. Sure, one can totally overdo it. However, I think these nutbags are in the vast minority. No, I think most mountain bikers just want to have a good time. Some feel they need to barrel down a hill with rocks and roots and snakes in order to get the right adrenaline rush. Hey, the more the merrier. It’s just not my cup of tea. Not my bailiwick. Not in my wheelhouse, so to speak. The last time I rode a mountain bike was in 1989. It was a Made in the USA Marin that was a gnarly day-glo chartreuse color and it had zero suspension. I was 19 and my joints could barely take it. Maybe that was what turned me off to it. Maybe I am not cut from the same cloth as others my age who remember mountain biking in its infancy. In any case, one of these days, I’ll get a demo bike and try it again when I feel like breaking a femur. Now if I can only puck a f**king wheel size. Jesus.

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