Bike Anti-pron Vol. 1

Rain makes Santa Barbarians dress like stevedores.

Rain makes Santa Barbarians dress like stevedores.

For cyclists and bike enthusiasts, bicycles and their parts and accessories are certainly a type of pron that evokes certain types of feelings. Some of us appreciate a NAHBS-worthy, beautiful bike that is never meant to be ridden. Others choose to love those that are ridden to the point of being downright dirty and ugly. But for all of us, bikes in most of their forms and appearances are wonderful. That said, these emotions and feelings extend to the experience of riding a bike as well. Some of us love a newly-asphalted road with gentle curves and climbs. Others love a dirty, rocky trail that does nothing to bring out the sweat and stink only to spend an hour cleaning the mud off of said experience.

For me, the only thing that would qualify as not being a fun experience is rain. I’m from Southern California so maybe I’m not made of the same stuff as someone from Oregon. Our experiences are all relative. I have serious issues when the temperature dips below 50 degrees F. However, I can take a 100 degree ride no problem. So maybe I was a cat or a tanuki in a former life. I just don’t like to be wet and cold. Will I do it if I have to? Of course! I just will express my extreme displeasure when asked. That said, we are in the midst of a pretty serious drought here in Santa Barbara. We get all our water from Lake Cachuma which is extremely low. So when we had a storm last weekend, I was pretty surprised. Like most Santa Barbarians, I got dressed and made my way to work in the above-pictured mess. The thing I forgot to remember was that most Santa Barbarians don’t drive very well when it rains. Motorists around here tend to freak out a little bit, making it dangerous for cyclists in wet weather. So maybe my aversion to rain is actually a self-preservation mechanism?

Anyways, the mountain biking around her blows when it’s wet. Too many rocks. That is all.


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