Roy and his Schwinn RS 5.0 bicycle

Rides a Schwinn RS 5.0
Shot on State Street in Downtown Santa Barbara, CA.
Going to the Farmer’s Market.

Why hasn’t there been any updates about people and their bicycles lately? Well, I have been really sick. Sick people tend to stay inside and think about riding bicycles. Sick photographers like myself tend to stay in and watch DigitalRev TV and laugh at all of Kai’s antics as he tries to burn cameras and levitate himself in Hong Kong. Wait. Am I the only one who does that? Seriously, the guy is funny and he does love photography (although he’s got to get rid of that overpriced Leica M9 and stick with the Fuji X series).

Speaking of sick, I think I need to start eating more organic food and double down on the kale. I haven’t been down to the Farmer’s Market quite enough already. With all the supplements, protein bars, recovery fluids and other seepages that cyclists seem to live on, really it isn’t food. All of us, photogs and cyclists alike should be eating real food and getting healthy. On a photography note, you can meet the most interesting people at your local Farmer’s Market. You can throw an organic loquat and hit like, 70 people with a bicycle. It’s a green paradise and a great place to take pictures.

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