Jenny and her Trek 7.1 Hybrid

Rides a Trek 7.1 Hybrid.
Shot on State Street in Santa Barbara, CA.
On vacation.

Jenny rode up on her Trek and instantly started being nice. She is originally from New York City. She lives in Marin County now. Even though she was from New York, she had never ridden a bicycle until she got to California. This sort of surprised me. Judging from books and movies and certainly a lot of bicycle-related clothing ads, it seemed to me that everyone in New York rides. But I guess it is just like every other big city: it’s intimidating enough with all the traffic and noise to not want to ride a bike.

People from the East Coast of the US are also cut from a different cloth than your average Californian. Even with all this space around us, we tend to be standoffish. But Jenny was from New York. She instantly started telling me all about where she was from and how cool cycling made her feel. We talked about Brooklyn and Williamsburg. Hipsters and messengers. I told her about Bike Snob NYC. I hope she is having a fun time in Marin and continues to cycle.

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