Heather and her steel bicycle, a Bridgestone CB1

Rides a Bridgestone CB1.
Shot on State Street in Santa Barbara, CA.
Out for a morning ride.

It’s one of those cases where I just see a rider and a bike and I just have to run out and talk to them. Heather was riding her Bridgestone CB1 around and stopped in for some air. I still find it amazing that so many old bikes are still on the road even after 20 years. We’ve even seen some bikes that are over 100 years old that are still being ridden around. If there is any person out there who thinks cars are better than bikes, let me address them with this question: how much energy does it take to make a car and keep it on the road? How much money does it take to power a car? Does your car get 53 miles per burrito? The answer is no. Now, if there are any 100 year-old cars out there, imagine how much money it takes to keep it working and rolling on the road. It’s mind bottling. Like when your thoughts get all trapped like in a bottle.

That is all.

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