Greg and hi Pre-war Schwinn Cadillac

Rides a Pre-war Schwinn Cadillac (1930s).
Shot on Ortega Street in Santa Barbara, CA.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I love vintage bicycles. I find it truly amazing that there are so many still on the road. Yes, I know that a bicycle is a machine much simpler than a car. But sometimes it’s the stories that surprise you the most.

Greg told me that he pulled this bicycle out of his father’s garage many years ago. It was completely rusted and many of the parts were not working. He repainted the frame and greased up all the right parts and got the bike running. The coolest part about this bike is how he cleaned it, yet left the patina of age on the metal pats so as to convey that this bike is old but still kicking. It features a skiptooth drivetrain, and a well-broken-in French Idealle saddle. It’s bikes like these that make me really happy. I feel even better when I see a guy who is really connected to it. I am positive that if I asked him to sell it he would refuse.

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