Dylan and his Surly Karate Monkey bicycle

Rides a 2013 Surly Karate Monkey.
Shot in an alley off Ortega Street in Santa Barbara, CA.
Going to work.

I first met Dylan about two years ago. He’s from the midwest. Iowa (I never see him eating corn, tho. Weird). He never wears socks. However, he’s the coolest guy with a beard you’ll ever meet. He is one of our bicycle mechanics at Velo Pro. He first got his 2013 Surly Karate Monkey about 6 months ago. About the same time I go my We the People 26″ BMX bike. When I saw that he shod his rims with Schwalbe Fat Franks, I immediately wish I had gotten a 29er for a single speed cruiser/mountain bike.

In any case, it’s because of hime that I cannot just own my Surly Crosscheck. I have to have a Karate Monkey as well. These bikes are just too cool. With all the cruiser culture we have here in Santa Barbara, I think a single-speed 29er is still the way to go. After all, I can’t afford a vintage Cook Brothers and restored Schwinns just do do it for me any more. I can only take so many Chris King headsets and SE Racing Landing Gear forks before I feel like it becomes a uniform for the Cruiser Army. I want to join Dylan’s Army.

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