Rides a Cinelli Mash Histogram track bike.
Shot on State Street in Santa Barbara, CA.
Riding to the Ventura County line with his friend.

I really like the Cinelli x Mash collaboration. I think they are producing some really nice frames with some cool designs and, dare I say it, colorways. I think if someone were to describe a track bike that can be used in a professional race but also casually, I think these would be the stereotype. I certainly wouldn’t want to ride around on the street with one of these things, though. Yes, it is made from Columbus 7005 Airplane Aluminum. But if you you know anything about bicycles, aluminum is your joints’ worst enemy. I don’t think any metal has done more to increase and promote biker’s palsy than our rust-free friend over here. It is really stiff and channels vibrations a little too well. Have you seen the hard plastic saddle on this thing? I mean, like my taint and I certainly wouldn’t subject it to that type of punishment, chamois or no chamois.

Personally, I would choose an older Keirin steel track frame for my daily fixie. They are a little more flexy, dampen vibrations a lot better and they are cheaper…well, unless you go with a 3Rensho, that is. In any case, I have to give mad props to our boy Sandro over here for braving the plastic saddle all the way to the Ventura County line. Better you than me, bro.

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