Rides an early 80s Trek road bike.
Shot on State Street in Downtown Santa Barbara, CA.
In for routine maintenance.

I am in no way belittling George as a person. He is a very cool guy. I’m just saying that sometimes looks can be deceiving.

Let me explain: Working in a bicycle shop on State Street in Santa Barbara, I see many different types of people. A lot of the time, there are guys who are down on their luck and can’t afford a new tube. Most of the time, these folks come in looking for a free tube and they ask for it. Nothing wrong with that, right? Curiosity only kills cats, I always say. But George here (and I know I am going to get flak for this, sorry in advance) didn’t look like he needed anything. He was a really nice guy who came in to get his bike checked out. He didn’t ask for anything for free. While conversing with him, I found out that this old bike, which he picked up at Bici Centro for a song, was his only transportation. I would have at least pegged him for a 10-year-old BMW.

Sorry again, if I have offended anyone. But it goes to show that people’s money and how they look or act don’t always equate. Like today, I had a woman come by today that looked like she had been sleeping outside all her life. She didn’t smell so great and her clothes were super tattered. She asked for a lot of advice on what kind of bicycle to buy for her son for college if he was going to live off campus. So I showed her a really nice 2013 Kona Dew Plus hybrid. Plenty of gears, hydraulic disc brakes, great 700c road wheels and upright riding position. Without even so much as a protest about the $899.00 price tag, she bought it. And I helped her load it and the helmet, floor pump and lock into her Mazda SUV. Let me just say that nothing surprises me anymore. I do get kind of annoyed, though, at people who try too hard to look they they have money when they actually have money. What’s the point of that? Just keep it real like George here.

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