Rides a 1988 Raleigh USA Pro Technium road bike.
Shot on Ortega Street in Santa Barbara, CA.
Just got into town and looking for a place to go for a long ride.

Usually, I wait a while before posting a picture. Usually it’s because I have so many riders in the queue. However, Marion and her brother’s old bike really surprised me. She and her husband (sorry I didn’t get his name) were totally awesome. Speaking of awesome, check out this bicycle! It’s a Raleigh USA Pro Technium, an aluminum racing bike that used a very seldom-used method of joining the tubes called thermal bonding. So there are no welds on the frame and none of the big seams you find on some aluminum bikes. What struck me were the older Shimano 105 parts in the gruppo. They looked amazing. Anyways, please see below for more pictures!

Head Badge

Head badge of the Raleigh Pro Technium


Older Shimano 105 calipers.


Shimano 105 derailleur still in amazing shape after all these years.

Cinelli stem

Cinelli stem? On this? Way cool!




2 thoughts on “Marion

  1. Wow, that was so cool to see sis and my now-classic bike here! Thanks for showing and glad Marion and Steve got to enjoy riding out there! I will always look at this Raleigh in a different light from now on, for sure. I will also be removing the old sponsor stickers to expose the classic beauty! Lol!!

  2. thanks so much for posting! You guys rock! BTW, my bro is open to any offers for purchasing this Raleigh (leave a comment if you want it!). He’s in So CA. Keep on riding!

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