Rides a 90s Perkins steel road bike.
Shot on State Street in Santa Barbara, CA.
Going for a short ride to Carpinteria.

I’m a sucker for accents. Lisa is from Australia. That is where she acquired this beautiful Daryl Perkins road bike. She educated me on its origins, noting the Reynolds 853 tubing brazed to Colnago lugs. “Steel is real” she said in that adorable accent. Some rider bikes like the old Gary Fishers, the original LeMonds, the Eddy Merckxes and Richard Sachses…even though they were produced in quantity, they were still high-quality pieces. If you take a look at some of the frames being churned out in factories today, you can tell that the only time a human being ever gave a crap was when he or she sat at a computer screen and “designed” it. Slap a “made in Cambodia” sticker on it and charge $5,000 (don’t forget to paint a big “S-WORKS” on the down tube though). People like Lisa are the true riders. They aren’t racing anybody. They aren’t ever going to be swallowed by the latest in Fred technology. They just want a comfortable and long-lasting bike to ride. Good on ya, mate.

2 thoughts on “Lisa

  1. Clipless pedals, sti shifters…non stock items. I understand the point of this post, but sometimes technology does get it right

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