Bike Pron Vol. 6

Bruce Gordon 1

Bruce Gordon 57 cm hand-built lugtastic piece of awesomeness.

Sometimes the strangest things happen to you at work. So I am at my other job (the one that makes me enough money to live off of) and I start to fall asleep at my computer. So I decide to grab the camera and take a walk. Bicycles are always on my mind so of course I make a bee line to Cranky’s Bikes which is right near my established business area. Jim was in the process of getting this new consignment off the rack to photograph for his website. Yes…it’s a Bruce Gordon Cycles hand-made road bicycle with some of the most glorious lugs I have seen. So I decide to take advantage of the situation, and jump on Jim’s photo-taking bandwagon and start capturing the light glinting off the Campagnolo Shamal wheels.

Bruce Gordon 3

Seat post lugs. BG style.

It’s all about the attention to detail. This machine really shows that Bruce really put a lot of thought into this build. I suppose one has to actually envision the rider as the frame comes together. Amazing…

Bruce Gordon 2

Bruce Gordon lugs with trademark holes. Beautiful.

So this bike was casting its own aura. I had to restrain myself from doing something inappropriate to it. We were outside after all.

Bruce Gordon 6

Ba da ba ba bah…I’m luggin’ it.

So what would this set you back if you were to buy it? I think you might like the price. After all, it’s got enough Campy on it to make Italy scream. Cruise over to Cranky’s and talk to the guys there. You know you want it…


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