Rides a Gold Coast Cycles Cyclocross bike.
Shot on State Street in Santa Barbara, CA.
Cruising by to show off the bike.

I fist met Rudy at the bike shop. He rode in on some pastel-colored road bike he just scored for a ridiculous deal. We talked about the bike, punk rock, all sorts of other things. See, Rudy is a really cool guy. What I found out later is he builds bikes, too. Now, I build bikes. But I just gather parts and assemble them into what I think looks cool and rides well. Rudy actually builds the frames himself…brazing and welding and all that. His awesome skills make up Gold Coast Cycles. I remember the other day I ran into him in a FedEx Office and saw him producing the stencils for his head badges. Yep, he etches his own head badges on, get this, pieces of cut cymbals. How awesome is that? I really hope I get to photograph Rudy on some of his other creations.

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