The Bench Vol. 1


Well-used mechanics bench.

A lot of people think of their bicycle mechanics like they do their car mechanics. Only that fixing a bicycle should be a lot easier. Repairing somebody’s bike is anything but. It doesn’t matter if the bike is brand new or 80 years old. If the owner doesn’t treat it right, there is always a surprise. You could take two of the same bicycles, right down to the year, model, color and even consecutive serial number. They could have the exact same tires, drivetrain, and lubrication. They could both be Wal-Mart specials or the latest $10,000 carbon mountain bike. They will still be totally different when something goes wrong.

You were waiting for my point. Here it is:

Your bicycle becomes what you make of it, If you don’t treat it right, it will ultimately fight back and strand you in the middle of nowhere as if it developed an “anti-you” personality and suddenly decided your ass wasn’t worthy to sit upon it. Now I am not saying that you should learn to work on it yourself (although knowing how to change a tire is a great skill to have. Saves money, too). I am just trying to get you to know your bike. Care about it a little. Why on earth would you put your money into owning something that only strangers at your local bike shop care about? Where’s the love, people? Where’s the love?

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