Rides a KHS Wedgewood Chromo Cruiser.
Shot on State Street in Downtown Santa Barbara, CA.
Out getting some air.

Most people who ride by the bike shop on a cruiser these days aren’t riding Schwinns anymore. They are usually riding some POS knockoff like a Sun, 3G or something of that ilk. Usually, when a bike company tries to build and market a cruiser, they do so with as little attention to detail as possible. In order to keep their bikes as cheap as possible and thus be able to sell them to a wider market, they are usually poorly speced and construction is shoddy. But John here was riding a version from KHS. I had never seen one before and it looked pretty solid. Indeed, the frame was chromoly and it had Conti tires. Both a good start. Though the paint job was questionable, it had a Shimano Nexus 8 hub and decent wheels. John scored on this one. He said a friend pulled it out of the garage after years of storage and he was just testing it out. I told him to get real street cred, he should remove that god-awful plastic chain guard. Why do bike companies still put those on?

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