Glen & Milou


Rides an MDQ (million dollar question) Cruiser.
Shot on State and Ortega in Santa Barbara, CA.
Out looking for a new chainring.

Me: “So what is this cruiser?”

Glen: “The MDQ. That’s the Million Dollar Question.”

Me: “Where did you get it?”

Glen: “Somewhere in South America.”

So this cruiser is pretty unique. It is old. Really old. It is definitely not American made as evidenced by it’s foreign provenance and Spanish bottom bracket shell. I figure it is not a one-off as there was also a really deeply-cut serial number just below the seatpost clamp. In any case, the double top tube design is almost what Schwinn is doing this year with its newer cruiser line. However, this one is done with way more style. It has steel tubing that is thicker and a little rougher in the finish than your normal K-mart cruiser. It’s legit.

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