Rides a 1984 Nishiki Olympic 12
Shot on State Street in Downtown Santa Barbara, CA
On the way to Friendsgiving.

I ran into Joshua at Velo Pro about a week before Thanksgiving. I was checking out his Nishiki Olympic 12. It’s a really nice steel road bike from the 80s. I thought the color and the way the gold decals looked was really awesome. This was the kind of bike that the well-to-do kids would ride when I was in high school. While I was sloshing away with only 10 speeds on my Univega in crap brownish gold, the cool kids would be riding Japanese steel with a 6-speed cassette.

Joshua mentioned to me that he was just getting the bike looked over before he went to Friendsgiving. I thought to myself that even though our society has its problems, every now and then a gem pops up that makes you feel good about the people around you.

2 thoughts on “Joshua

  1. I always like to see people smiling when they are with their bicycle. That Nishiki is older than 1984, probably 1978. The serial number can be decoded to determine a year.

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