Happy Thanksgiving

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For those of you not in the United States, today is Thanksgiving Day. It commemorates an awful mistake that the Native Americans made over 300 years ago. When the original pilgrims (colonists) came to the New World in search of religious freedom (business opportunities), they struggled with sickness and hunger. Because they were self-righteous city folk who had no idea how to live in nature, they soon found that they were unable to support themselves. The Native Americans, whom these good religious folk so delicately called “savages,” found it in their heart to do what Christians weren’t used to doing: which was to lend a helping hand to people who were different. The natives provided a huge bounty of food and knowledge of how to farm and hunt in the New World. The pilgrims, completely taken aback, found themselves thanking these savages who, in their mind were doomed to hell. Today we celebrate the pilgrims sudden unselfish streak of giving thanks with a holiday called “Thanksgiving” with a huge feast of turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, corn, veggies and all that good stuff. What happened after we gave thanks is history, but needless to say, the Native Americans suddenly found themselves with an obvious lack of their own farmland — and farmers, too since they were all wiped out in the name of “Manifest Destiny.”

Thanks for showing your kindness to strangers, Native Americans! Now let’s eat some turkey!

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