Working on a vintage custom BMX cruiser
Shot at Cranky’s Bikes on State Street in Santa Barbara, CA

Yes, I work at a competing bike shop (Velo Pro). But also yes, I love bicycles. Cranky’s is one of those bike shops that I have a hard time staying away from. They tend to carry a lot of stuff that attracts me as a mostly asphalt rider. So I guess I am part of their target market. I love going in there from time to time to talk bikes and stare at all the gorgeous track frames hanging over the counter. I must confess, that in the spirit of supporting local business and our biking friends, I even buy some things from them from time to time. Pete and Josh are really cool guys. The owner, Jim C is really not cranky, either.

One thought on “Pete

  1. crankys is a great shop i wandered in there a few months back when i was in sb for the day, i was inquiring about a surley long hall trucker and he turned me on to a cinelli bootleg hobo which i haven’t been able to get out of m mind, hopefully its my next bike, get blog great picks keep it up

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